Rose FlowerThe rose is a woody perennial that was originally from China but is now grown across the world. It is characterised by wide range of colours and sizes.
Roses are multi-petal flowers available in an array of colours. Some varieties are known for their prickles along the stems of the plant, which are used to deter predators. Many species are now cultivated although there are still varieties that grow in the wild.
Roses are native to China but are now grown across the world and thrive in sunny, well-drained soil. They particularly like clay soils and it is best to grow roses away from other plants so their roots are not disturbed. It is important to remember that hybridized flowers such as roses have become more adaptable to different conditions so check when buying your roses what the optimum conditions are.
When growing in the garden, roses should be planted between November and February. Roses are available all year round and are sold either as seeds or as cuttings. If you are growing in a pot, they can be planted at any time.
While it is estimated that there are anywhere between 100 and 150, there is a lot of debate as to how many species of rose there are because so many of them are so similar. Roses come from the Rosaceae family and bear the Latin name Rosa. Species Roses are classified as roses that grow in the wild and have done so for thousands of years. Rosa Carolina is an example of this kind of rose.
Care Tips
Roses need to be fed regularly and the amount of feeding will depend on the kind of soil they are planted in. Pruning is also important and should be done after between mid-February and mid-March during a sustained frost-free period.
Did You Know?
The first hybrid rose was introduced in 1867 by Jean-Baptiste Guillot. All roses before that date are known as Old Garden Roses while the roses that come after are called Modern Garden Roses.